Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Knitting, kintting, knitting

Well, I have been knitting, knitting and knitting. I have about 4 projects on the needles as we speak. I have totally fallen in love with dishcloths and spend alot, and I do mean ALOT of time on the web looking for groups, patterns, KALs, etc...I believe the word they use is addicted!! Now if only I could be addicted to more productive things....oh well.

I somehow got it in my head to make my dh a bowling towel...So, I found a pattern for a bowling dishcloth, go figure, and am working on that now. I will be lengthing it to make it the size of a towel for his bowling ball The things we do for love. :O).

This cloth is supposed to be mouse, I knitted it on the needle size that was recommended but next time I will use a smaller size. :O( Oh well, it is cute if you are up close and personal with it.

This dishcloth was a KAL in "Rachael's knitting room". She does one about once a month. It's supposed to be lattice hearts...again, I think next time I will be using smaller needles....remember this is a learning process....

Last but not lease, I had to share this picture of Belle (labby) and Shadow (kitty). We got Shadow and her brother, Roscoe, from the grocery store. A little girl was outside the store and was trying to get rid of her kittens. She told me she was going to turn them lose if noone took them....humm not a good idea. So, of course, I brought them home. Anyway, Shadow was still young and the runt of the litter so she was "adopted" by Belle when she she was a kitten. Now, Shadow and Belle have a special relationship. Here, Shadow is licking Belle's head.

I am enjoying myself way too much on Ravelry. I am not sure how many groups I have joined, but I keep finding new groups to join. One of my more recent ones is a group dedicated to making shelter animals blankets and toys and such. I am so behind this that I already downloaded and printed a pattern to use. I am going to try to get a few done before we leave for Virginia. The shelter animals always pull at my heart strings. I wish I had the room to adpot them all. Everyone needs a loving, safe home to belong to....

Well, that's about it for now. When I get the ball towel done, I will be taking some pictures. I have to go and get kids now. So, until next time.
Debi :)

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