Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Knitting and stuff

Here are pictures of two of the gauntlets that I made for my girls. DD2 got the pink ones and DD1 got the green ones. So, what do you think??? Pretty good for my first try?? I am proud of them myself. Yes, I know my entry is a bit weird, I am learning how to put pictures and such in the blog....

This is my new find! It is a yahoo group that does dishcloth knit alongs twice a month! I just joined and am in the beginning of my first knit along!! It is sent in the mystery project way- 8 lines a day until the project is done, so the final result is a surprise! I am excited to start this and had to go and get a set of straight needles today (darn the luck) to do the knitting. Humm maybe if I get comfortable with these patterns, I can actually get my holiday knitting off to an early start!! Humm stay tuned to see if I can actually do this! Please check out this yahoo group. They seem to be nice people and I am always interested in learning new thing!!

Barb and I went shopping on Sunday, what a fun time that was! We fondled the Alpaca yarn for a long long, long time but alas, we did not buy any...I have had a light bulb moment though.....since the Alpaca yarn is on the higher priced side but oh soooooo lucious and wonderful feeling.....(I spent many moments bonding with the Alpaca) I was thinking of getting a skein and making a scarf or something for my gifts next year...tell me honestly, who in their right mind, would NOT like an actual Alpaca or Cashmere knitting scarf or gloves, etc. So, that is my light bulb moment...I am hoping that in Virginia there are many local knitting stores...I love the internet alot, but remember to support your local yarn store for they are the ones to go to when you have questions... :O)
Anyway, that's about all for now, I have to start my new knit along and do my first dishcloth!! :O) I will post pictures when I am done.
Until next time...
Debi :)

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Anonymous said...

They look great! I'm glad the girls liked them! :)

So, the boys go back to school next Thursday.... Should I bring my machine and some fabric to your house???