Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Last night was an intesting night to say the least. I have a huge list of stuff to do and only got one thing done. Talk about crazy! I have a habit of making lists and trying to get at least one thing accomplished off the list. When this happens, I feel that I have not only accomplished something productive but I have kept myself on track. Well, after last night, I say phooey to lists!!! We have lists for shopping, lists for projects, lists for tasks, lists for supplies, lists for our children, lists to avoid, lists for our lists....so I ask you, is it all worth it?? I live by the list. I have such a hard time remembering things that I need to make lots of lists..at any given time, I have several steno pads with lists going on both, not to mention sticky notes on my computer screen and various scribblings all over the house. Do you think I am an organized person? No, why? I can' find my lists!

I have signed up on my KAL site to do a 24 challenge...do all 24 KAL's for the year...this is something I SHOULD be able to do...what do you think?? I have started another dishcloth just to try another pattern. I am loving doing the dishcloths..they are quick, easy, and instant gratification is a good thing!

The sweater, well I haven't touched the needles since I have discovered dishcloths...I also have a set of leg warmers on another set of needles...humm maybe I should get my butt moving and get some knitting done. I'll be sure to put it on my list!

Until next time...

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