Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year

Hello again,

Well it is December 30 and almost midnight on the west coast! Wow 2007 is almost gone. Can you remember the important points of your year?

2007 was a year to be remembered in our house. Our oldest child entered his Senior year of high school. I went back to school and back to work, and love every minute of it. We lost my DH's mom sad to say and we found out we were moving to Virginia in the summer of 2008. Yes, 2007 will be a year to be remembered.

Christmas in our house was great. The kids were spoiled as usual and everyone was happy with their gifts. I recieved some great things this year. I got the new Twisted Peppermint line from Bath and Body works, a wonderful fluffy robe from Bath and Body works, Gift cards for Joanns, Starbucks, Walmart, and my local knitting shop, coffee sampler and new headphones for my Ipod.

Yesterday, Barb and I went to our knitting shop to spend our gift cards. I got 4 skeins of yarn and two patterns. I am so excited to try new things. I am in the process of knitting myself a coat sweater, throwback from the '80's. It is super easy just time consuming! I am excited and will post a picture when I am done.

The kids all go back to school next Monday, then I get my house back. It has been great having them all home but they are all at the age where they all need to be somewhere else at the same time. Humm running in 5 different directions at the same time is rather tricky but it is do-able. :).

Looking ahead to 2008 I have set a few goals..I try not to use "resolutions" as I feel goals are much more user friendly! I am going to strive to be a more "green" person. I feel that we need to reuse and recycle as much as possible so I am going to try very hard to do my part. I am also going to try to be much more self sufficent. I would love to grow my own vegetables, fruits and such as much as possible. I am not talking about raising a cow in the back yard, just try to do as much for myself as posible.

This year for the holidays, I was actually able to make all my gifts. I am planning on continuing this tradition yearly. I love to make things and am already planning for the next season.

I am also setting a goal of becoming a better and more understanding and patient person. There are many times when I find myself feeling that the person or situation I am with is just not right and I am looking for a way out. I am working to be a better friend and person all the way through. Some people and situations are aweful and we don't really want to be there, but we must deal with what is given to use and learn from it.

We are having a quiet night at home tonite with the family. So from our house to yours, please have a great, safe and blessed New Year.

Debi :)

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Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!!

I had fun shopping with you on Sunday! The felted slippers are done and on... They're just a bit cold because they're still wet... :)