Thursday, January 17, 2008

Just another day in paradise

Hello again,

Well yesterday I was FINALLY invited to join Ravelry!! I am sooooooo excited. It is a very cool site and I am loving being on there. I am reading and meeting people from all over. I especially love all the different groups that you can join...could be the beginning of trouble??

Last night at bowling, DH had a great night..I love it when he has a great night, then he is in a good mood at home! :O) (Just kidding honey!!) His team bowled against the unpopular team and his team did really well. Whew!

This week I started my spring semester at school and I am taking contemporary American history. Not to bad. The instructor is a self admitted geek who knows nothing of contemporary trends and such. Oh well, as long as he can teach history, I am not too concerned. I already have my first quiz in the class on Tuesday!

I uploaded a picture to show you all what I look like.

No Barb, I am NOT the one in the middle, though I do see a strong family resemblance!! I don't have a good picture of me with my BFM (best friend mouse aka MICKEY) to share, hopefully next time I will get me some good mouse action! ;)

Well, that's about all for now. I have to go and read my history and knit some dishcloths..sounds like a full day!

Until next time.

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