Thursday, January 10, 2008

Crafty Day

Today it was raining again. As the song goes, It never rains in southern California, (becuase it always rains in northern California!) Anyway, Barb came over and we did a few things on the computer and then headed down to the sewing machines and had some fun sewing. She made a really cute tote bag and I made this cute little purse. It is big enough to hold my wallet, pocket calendar, essentials. I really like it. I am going to make a few more with some different material. This material is a canvas type material.

I also made some knitting markers for myself. I think they are really pretty and just wanted to add something nice to my knitting. If I am going to spend the time knitting something, the least I can do is use some nice markers with my projects.

Tonite Gray's Anatomy is back on and I am psyched! I am such a Gray's addict!! I will be working on my sweater or maybe a new dishcloth or even another pair of leg warmers while I watch the show.....


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