Monday, January 7, 2008

Yea!!! The kids are back to school!!

Don't get me wrong, I love my children, all five of them, but there comes a time what a mom has to get excited about school and today was one of those days! Today was the first day back since the holidays, and it was a great day for mom! I made their lunches happily and sent them on their, the whole house to myself....what will I do with my time???? Not to worry, I am sure I will find something to do!!!! ;)

We had a horrific storm on Friday (12/5). We lost power for approximately 2 days, ok we only lost abou 40% power and we had to water, we have a well with an electric pump. So, finally we got water early Sunday morning, like around midnight, and that was a good thing!!! For showers on Saturday, we all went to my dh's office and used the shower there....yes, all 7 of about family bonding!! We were getting ready to rinse out the old milk jugs to get some water for the dogs and so we could flush the toilet!! That was the worst part, not being about to flush....

Well, I finished my first knit along from my new favorite web site and I am very proud of my self to say the least! I went to take a picture but the batteries on my camera were that will have to wait for Friday... (payday).

I must send a public thank you to Barb for my new header! Pretty spiffy, huh??? She sent this to me and I really love it! Thanks alot Barb...I had to have my dh show me how to put it on my blog, but hey, maybe I can add things next time. I am not the most computer savy person in the world. To be honest, my 17 year old son had to show me how to delete pictures from my cell phone....yes, I am the butt of many jokes in my house...technologically savy I am not!! :)

I have added several new balls of cotton yarn to my ever growing stash...I am hooked on this knitting thing. The sweater is moving along. I am almost finished with the first page of directions and that means almost done with the back of the sweater! I am pretty proud of myself...Not bad for someone who was all thumbs about 18 months ago!

My quest of trying to be healthier is going ok. Last night we went to the Olive Garden for dinner, we are an imposing group to show up anywhere, we had my oldest son's girlfriend along as well, and the waitress had to have 3 people bring out our food. Hummm. They have a new policy that any party of 8 or more, an automatic gratuity of 18% is added to your bill. Whew, one problem off my mind!!!! Anyway, for my dinner, I had salad and soup! Yea me!! It was kinda hard, but not really. I love salad but I also love pasta...but I was good!! So, 7 days into the year, I am trying to stay on track.

Barb is coming over on Thursday and we are going to do some sewing. I believe we are working on tote bags that day. I made myself a new knitting bag the other day, I will post a picture soon. (Remember, I need new batteries). It has a few tweaks I put in for me, and now that I know what I what and what has worked so far, I will work the tweaks in a bit better...each bag is an adventure, and I don't think I will ever have the ultimate knitting/tote bag. I also think we are going to try to make a "project bag". I love a challenge and this could be one, but then maybe not. I will keep you posted (as if you were really worried) :O)

Well, I am off to the shower, ahh the sounds of silence!!! I can actually take a longer shower and get a few personal things done. Too much fun for one person..... :O) So, until next time....

~Debi :)

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