Sunday, July 17, 2011

Mid Summer

Well, hard to believe that it is already mid summer! I honestly can say that this summer has flown by! How about you? Have you done anything fun this summer? I have been working part time this summer and to be honest, I have totally enjoyed it! I have been able to have 3 day weekends and I have been loving every minute of it.

Today I went to my weekly meeting and it was inspiring! I got new recipes and then afterward, I was so inspired that I went to the local farmer's market. I got fresh fruits and veggies and promptly went home and chopped, cut and "created" with my purchases. I got a delicious Greek salad recipe and let me tell you, this is wonderful! I had to make a few substitutions but it was just as good and I have almost eaten the whole bowl full! I am heading to the grocery store soon to pick up some Greek yogurt and a few other things to make a dip and peach salsa and few other goodies...I am so excited...

My knitting is progressing. I have almost finished my first mitten ever! It is the second project for my "camping" trip this summer and I will post a picture soon. These are ground breaking mittens for several reasons:
1. First mittens ever
2. First cable project ever
3. First beading project ever

I am quite proud of myself, the cable looks like a cable and the beads actually look good.

I have disturbing news. A friend of mine was recently diagnosed with cancer. I don't have any details yet but suffice it to say that I am unsettled. She is a good person and is very private. She had not shared any details and I must respect her privacy. I want her to know that she has my thoughts, prayers and hopes for a successful surgery. She goes in soon and my thoughts are with her. I can't share details but please keep good thoughts and karma for my friend.

Remember, life is what we make it. We can all be dealt a life altering blow at any time. How we chose to deal with it says alot for who we are. Some things are out of our control as far as when and where, but we can always show grace under pressure and rise above. Be strong of character, convictions and actions. Do this not for the people around you, but for yourself. You are the only one who has to answer for your life. Make sure you make the most of every moment. Life is a gift and remember that what you do with your gift is up to you. For me personally, I try to be the best person I can, try to look past someones "flaws" and see the true person. I am not a perfect person, no one is, but I do try to do the best I can in any situation with what I have been given to work with. Please be the best you can be and make peace with yourself.

Until next time, I wish you peace.


Sunday, June 26, 2011

You know it's Summer when...

You know it's summer when:
1. You smell grills every evening when you go for your neighborhood walk.
2. Your neighbors have you over to swim in their pools at all hours.
3. The house looks like a tornado hit inside, due to the kids being out of school.
4. You can play connect the dots with mosquito bites.
5. When stopping to smell the roses, you get stung by a bee.

I tried to figure out what type of blogger I wanted to be. Did I want to blog every day, every other day or weekly...I think due to my lack of focus and concentration (ohh shiny object) I will try to be a weekly blogger. I think that will work for me.

This week I finished a shawl for my Loopy Ewe Camp-along this summer. This was the first project. It was to be something to keep us warm on those cool camp evening around the campfire. I must tell you that even my DH thought this was nice...hummm maybe he's coming around!

Well, that's about it for today. I have several projects on needles as we speak:
1. Baby blanket for my granddaughter.
2. Baby blanket for one of the Dr's I work with.
3. Socks
4, Ribbed scarf
5. Extra baby blanket, just in case someone has an unexpected" baby. :)

I am excited, next week is July 4th and I get a 4 day weekend...Whooo Hoooo!!! So here's hoping all is well in your world. Take some time this week and see what summer means to just never know when you will need some summer time.

Until next time


Monday, June 20, 2011

Six months later....

Hello all,

I begin this as I always do, saying that I am sorry for not keeping this totally updated at all times. I used to be a dedicated blogger but alas, this too has changed. I have decided that somehow I didn't always have time for this. Truth be told, it only takes about 10 minutes out of my busy schedule, so you would think that i could get this in....that's what you get for thinking... :)

Well, my granddaughter is now 6 months old....she is the love of my life and I can't help but spoil her rotten...much to the dismay of her parents. As you can see, she is trying to enjoy her first clementine...

Two more children have graduated from high school...I am left with our youngest...she turned 16 in Feb and is going on 18. She will be a Jr. this year. The two that graduated will be going on to school in the fall: She will be going to Mary Washington College and He will be going to Old Dominion University. Whoooo hooooo I am one proud mamma!! :)

One of the major downfalls of living with the miltary, is that from time to time, friends much move away and it is never easy, no matter how often you go through it. One of our closest friends are leaving tomorrow for Maine. They are both from there and are definitely looking forward to going home. I know that they are going to be happy, but it is still hard to say so long. :(.

That's about all for now. Things keep moving along whether or not we are ready for it. We can either jump on and go for the ride or we can fight it. I for one, am going to do my best to keep my balance and go along for the ride.

Until next time....