Sunday, June 26, 2011

You know it's Summer when...

You know it's summer when:
1. You smell grills every evening when you go for your neighborhood walk.
2. Your neighbors have you over to swim in their pools at all hours.
3. The house looks like a tornado hit inside, due to the kids being out of school.
4. You can play connect the dots with mosquito bites.
5. When stopping to smell the roses, you get stung by a bee.

I tried to figure out what type of blogger I wanted to be. Did I want to blog every day, every other day or weekly...I think due to my lack of focus and concentration (ohh shiny object) I will try to be a weekly blogger. I think that will work for me.

This week I finished a shawl for my Loopy Ewe Camp-along this summer. This was the first project. It was to be something to keep us warm on those cool camp evening around the campfire. I must tell you that even my DH thought this was nice...hummm maybe he's coming around!

Well, that's about it for today. I have several projects on needles as we speak:
1. Baby blanket for my granddaughter.
2. Baby blanket for one of the Dr's I work with.
3. Socks
4, Ribbed scarf
5. Extra baby blanket, just in case someone has an unexpected" baby. :)

I am excited, next week is July 4th and I get a 4 day weekend...Whooo Hoooo!!! So here's hoping all is well in your world. Take some time this week and see what summer means to just never know when you will need some summer time.

Until next time


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