Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Knitting, kintting, knitting

Well, I have been knitting, knitting and knitting. I have about 4 projects on the needles as we speak. I have totally fallen in love with dishcloths and spend alot, and I do mean ALOT of time on the web looking for groups, patterns, KALs, etc...I believe the word they use is addicted!! Now if only I could be addicted to more productive things....oh well.

I somehow got it in my head to make my dh a bowling towel...So, I found a pattern for a bowling dishcloth, go figure, and am working on that now. I will be lengthing it to make it the size of a towel for his bowling ball The things we do for love. :O).

This cloth is supposed to be mouse, I knitted it on the needle size that was recommended but next time I will use a smaller size. :O( Oh well, it is cute if you are up close and personal with it.

This dishcloth was a KAL in "Rachael's knitting room". She does one about once a month. It's supposed to be lattice hearts...again, I think next time I will be using smaller needles....remember this is a learning process....

Last but not lease, I had to share this picture of Belle (labby) and Shadow (kitty). We got Shadow and her brother, Roscoe, from the grocery store. A little girl was outside the store and was trying to get rid of her kittens. She told me she was going to turn them lose if noone took them....humm not a good idea. So, of course, I brought them home. Anyway, Shadow was still young and the runt of the litter so she was "adopted" by Belle when she she was a kitten. Now, Shadow and Belle have a special relationship. Here, Shadow is licking Belle's head.

I am enjoying myself way too much on Ravelry. I am not sure how many groups I have joined, but I keep finding new groups to join. One of my more recent ones is a group dedicated to making shelter animals blankets and toys and such. I am so behind this that I already downloaded and printed a pattern to use. I am going to try to get a few done before we leave for Virginia. The shelter animals always pull at my heart strings. I wish I had the room to adpot them all. Everyone needs a loving, safe home to belong to....

Well, that's about it for now. When I get the ball towel done, I will be taking some pictures. I have to go and get kids now. So, until next time.
Debi :)

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Wheew! Superbowl Bound!!!

Hi Everyone!

Well today my favorite football team won and will be going to to the SuperBowl!!!

How cool is that!!!!! I have taken the day off of work and have already instructed the children that I am NOT leaving the house all day...any place they want to go they will have to get their own rides!! Momma is loving the football!!

I have been knitting my fingers to the bone, ok, not really but it sure feels that way! I have completed 3 more dishcloths....I am up to a total of 4!!! Whooah, slow down there speedy!!!
Here you go:

This is one that I made from a pattern I had.

This one if from the weekly dishcloth KAL on Ravelry

This is the 2nd KAL from the monthly dishcloth KA L on Ravelry.

I think I am getting the hang of this dishcloth thing!! I am excited. The next pattern I am going to tackle for a dishcloth has a few cables in it. Since I have never done cables, I am excited to try!

I wanted to show a picture of one of my kitties. He is pr obably my favorite of the bunch and he is so loveable and hugable. His name is Lucky and he loves to get his picture taken. He will actually pose for the camera. No, I am not kidding!

Lucky was helping me knit my dishcloths while we were watching the games today. He will put himself in my lap and lay on my directions. Hummm do you think he is trying to tell me something? Oh well. Hope you all have a great week.
Until next time.
Debi :)

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Just another day in paradise

Hello again,

Well yesterday I was FINALLY invited to join Ravelry!! I am sooooooo excited. It is a very cool site and I am loving being on there. I am reading and meeting people from all over. I especially love all the different groups that you can join...could be the beginning of trouble??

Last night at bowling, DH had a great night..I love it when he has a great night, then he is in a good mood at home! :O) (Just kidding honey!!) His team bowled against the unpopular team and his team did really well. Whew!

This week I started my spring semester at school and I am taking contemporary American history. Not to bad. The instructor is a self admitted geek who knows nothing of contemporary trends and such. Oh well, as long as he can teach history, I am not too concerned. I already have my first quiz in the class on Tuesday!

I uploaded a picture to show you all what I look like.

No Barb, I am NOT the one in the middle, though I do see a strong family resemblance!! I don't have a good picture of me with my BFM (best friend mouse aka MICKEY) to share, hopefully next time I will get me some good mouse action! ;)

Well, that's about all for now. I have to go and read my history and knit some dishcloths..sounds like a full day!

Until next time.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Happy Anniversary to Me!

Well, yesterday DH and I celebrated our 5th Anniversay! And they said it wouldn't last! :O) We had a nice quite day at home with the kids and then a great dinner to end the evening!

DH spent part of the day working on my laptop, last year's anniversary gift, it seems the hard drive is not working. Humm he has tried to fix it for a few days now. It may end up in the closet again if he can't fix it. :O(.

All the furbabies are curled up on my bed, they all sleep together so well. Too bad when they are all awake they like to taunt each other.

Don't they look like angels? They are: from left front to right front: Lucky, Rosco, Belle and Buddy. Just for your information, they are on my queen size bed...Shadow and Princess are missing. I am sure they will be along shortly!
So, until next time...

Friday, January 11, 2008

Some of my fur babies

I thought I would introduce you to some of my fur babies. They are an important part of my life and I want to share some of their great pictures.

This is Roscoe, he is checking his mail at this moment. He likes to help me when I am knitting and feels he should sit in my lap and help with the knitting process.

The yellow lab is my Offical Lab Assistant...Belle. She is my constant companion. She is always helping in all my projects.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Crafty Day

Today it was raining again. As the song goes, It never rains in southern California, (becuase it always rains in northern California!) Anyway, Barb came over and we did a few things on the computer and then headed down to the sewing machines and had some fun sewing. She made a really cute tote bag and I made this cute little purse. It is big enough to hold my wallet, pocket calendar, essentials. I really like it. I am going to make a few more with some different material. This material is a canvas type material.

I also made some knitting markers for myself. I think they are really pretty and just wanted to add something nice to my knitting. If I am going to spend the time knitting something, the least I can do is use some nice markers with my projects.

Tonite Gray's Anatomy is back on and I am psyched! I am such a Gray's addict!! I will be working on my sweater or maybe a new dishcloth or even another pair of leg warmers while I watch the show.....


Wednesday, January 9, 2008

My Football

Here is my first dishcloth! It is part of the KAL and I took the 24 dishcloth challange! Not too bad if I do say so myself! I am loving this! So, all I need to do is weave in the ends and then it is ready to go! One of my sons asked me if we could only look at it or actually use it.....well, I think this one can actually be used!! Just wanted to post a picture. More later.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Last night was an intesting night to say the least. I have a huge list of stuff to do and only got one thing done. Talk about crazy! I have a habit of making lists and trying to get at least one thing accomplished off the list. When this happens, I feel that I have not only accomplished something productive but I have kept myself on track. Well, after last night, I say phooey to lists!!! We have lists for shopping, lists for projects, lists for tasks, lists for supplies, lists for our children, lists to avoid, lists for our lists....so I ask you, is it all worth it?? I live by the list. I have such a hard time remembering things that I need to make lots of lists..at any given time, I have several steno pads with lists going on both, not to mention sticky notes on my computer screen and various scribblings all over the house. Do you think I am an organized person? No, why? I can' find my lists!

I have signed up on my KAL site to do a 24 challenge...do all 24 KAL's for the year...this is something I SHOULD be able to do...what do you think?? I have started another dishcloth just to try another pattern. I am loving doing the dishcloths..they are quick, easy, and instant gratification is a good thing!

The sweater, well I haven't touched the needles since I have discovered dishcloths...I also have a set of leg warmers on another set of needles...humm maybe I should get my butt moving and get some knitting done. I'll be sure to put it on my list!

Until next time...

Monday, January 7, 2008

Yea!!! The kids are back to school!!

Don't get me wrong, I love my children, all five of them, but there comes a time what a mom has to get excited about school and today was one of those days! Today was the first day back since the holidays, and it was a great day for mom! I made their lunches happily and sent them on their way...wow, the whole house to myself....what will I do with my time???? Not to worry, I am sure I will find something to do!!!! ;)

We had a horrific storm on Friday (12/5). We lost power for approximately 2 days, ok we only lost abou 40% power and we had to water, we have a well with an electric pump. So, finally we got water early Sunday morning, like around midnight, and that was a good thing!!! For showers on Saturday, we all went to my dh's office and used the shower there....yes, all 7 of us....talk about family bonding!! We were getting ready to rinse out the old milk jugs to get some water for the dogs and so we could flush the toilet!! That was the worst part, not being about to flush....

Well, I finished my first knit along from my new favorite web site and I am very proud of my self to say the least! I went to take a picture but the batteries on my camera were dead...so that will have to wait for Friday... (payday).

I must send a public thank you to Barb for my new header! Pretty spiffy, huh??? She sent this to me and I really love it! Thanks alot Barb...I had to have my dh show me how to put it on my blog, but hey, maybe I can add things next time. I am not the most computer savy person in the world. To be honest, my 17 year old son had to show me how to delete pictures from my cell phone....yes, I am the butt of many jokes in my house...technologically savy I am not!! :)

I have added several new balls of cotton yarn to my ever growing stash...I am hooked on this knitting thing. The sweater is moving along. I am almost finished with the first page of directions and that means almost done with the back of the sweater! I am pretty proud of myself...Not bad for someone who was all thumbs about 18 months ago!

My quest of trying to be healthier is going ok. Last night we went to the Olive Garden for dinner, we are an imposing group to show up anywhere, we had my oldest son's girlfriend along as well, and the waitress had to have 3 people bring out our food. Hummm. They have a new policy that any party of 8 or more, an automatic gratuity of 18% is added to your bill. Whew, one problem off my mind!!!! Anyway, for my dinner, I had salad and soup! Yea me!! It was kinda hard, but not really. I love salad but I also love pasta...but I was good!! So, 7 days into the year, I am trying to stay on track.

Barb is coming over on Thursday and we are going to do some sewing. I believe we are working on tote bags that day. I made myself a new knitting bag the other day, I will post a picture soon. (Remember, I need new batteries). It has a few tweaks I put in for me, and now that I know what I what and what has worked so far, I will work the tweaks in a bit better...each bag is an adventure, and I don't think I will ever have the ultimate knitting/tote bag. I also think we are going to try to make a "project bag". I love a challenge and this could be one, but then maybe not. I will keep you posted (as if you were really worried) :O)

Well, I am off to the shower, ahh the sounds of silence!!! I can actually take a longer shower and get a few personal things done. Too much fun for one person..... :O) So, until next time....

~Debi :)

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Knitting and stuff

Here are pictures of two of the gauntlets that I made for my girls. DD2 got the pink ones and DD1 got the green ones. So, what do you think??? Pretty good for my first try?? I am proud of them myself. Yes, I know my entry is a bit weird, I am learning how to put pictures and such in the blog....

This is my new find! It is a yahoo group that does dishcloth knit alongs twice a month! I just joined and am in the beginning of my first knit along!! It is sent in the mystery project way- 8 lines a day until the project is done, so the final result is a surprise! I am excited to start this and had to go and get a set of straight needles today (darn the luck) to do the knitting. Humm maybe if I get comfortable with these patterns, I can actually get my holiday knitting off to an early start!! Humm stay tuned to see if I can actually do this! Please check out this yahoo group. They seem to be nice people and I am always interested in learning new thing!!

Barb and I went shopping on Sunday, what a fun time that was! We fondled the Alpaca yarn for a long long, long time but alas, we did not buy any...I have had a light bulb moment though.....since the Alpaca yarn is on the higher priced side but oh soooooo lucious and wonderful feeling.....(I spent many moments bonding with the Alpaca) I was thinking of getting a skein and making a scarf or something for my gifts next year...tell me honestly, who in their right mind, would NOT like an actual Alpaca or Cashmere knitting scarf or gloves, etc. So, that is my light bulb moment...I am hoping that in Virginia there are many local knitting stores...I love the internet alot, but remember to support your local yarn store for they are the ones to go to when you have questions... :O)
Anyway, that's about all for now, I have to start my new knit along and do my first dishcloth!! :O) I will post pictures when I am done.
Until next time...
Debi :)

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year

Hello again,

Well it is December 30 and almost midnight on the west coast! Wow 2007 is almost gone. Can you remember the important points of your year?

2007 was a year to be remembered in our house. Our oldest child entered his Senior year of high school. I went back to school and back to work, and love every minute of it. We lost my DH's mom sad to say and we found out we were moving to Virginia in the summer of 2008. Yes, 2007 will be a year to be remembered.

Christmas in our house was great. The kids were spoiled as usual and everyone was happy with their gifts. I recieved some great things this year. I got the new Twisted Peppermint line from Bath and Body works, a wonderful fluffy robe from Bath and Body works, Gift cards for Joanns, Starbucks, Walmart, and my local knitting shop, coffee sampler and new headphones for my Ipod.

Yesterday, Barb and I went to our knitting shop to spend our gift cards. I got 4 skeins of yarn and two patterns. I am so excited to try new things. I am in the process of knitting myself a coat sweater, throwback from the '80's. It is super easy just time consuming! I am excited and will post a picture when I am done.

The kids all go back to school next Monday, then I get my house back. It has been great having them all home but they are all at the age where they all need to be somewhere else at the same time. Humm running in 5 different directions at the same time is rather tricky but it is do-able. :).

Looking ahead to 2008 I have set a few goals..I try not to use "resolutions" as I feel goals are much more user friendly! I am going to strive to be a more "green" person. I feel that we need to reuse and recycle as much as possible so I am going to try very hard to do my part. I am also going to try to be much more self sufficent. I would love to grow my own vegetables, fruits and such as much as possible. I am not talking about raising a cow in the back yard, just try to do as much for myself as posible.

This year for the holidays, I was actually able to make all my gifts. I am planning on continuing this tradition yearly. I love to make things and am already planning for the next season.

I am also setting a goal of becoming a better and more understanding and patient person. There are many times when I find myself feeling that the person or situation I am with is just not right and I am looking for a way out. I am working to be a better friend and person all the way through. Some people and situations are aweful and we don't really want to be there, but we must deal with what is given to use and learn from it.

We are having a quiet night at home tonite with the family. So from our house to yours, please have a great, safe and blessed New Year.

Debi :)