Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas everyone!!

For those who do celebrate this holiday, I hope that your day was filled with joy, peace, good will and of course, hope the present exchange was wonderful!!

Our day was great!! We arose at the early hour of 7:00 am...that may not seem early to many, but for us to get up on a day without work or school before the crack of noon, is astounding!!! With the coffee made, coffee cake cut up and trash bags at the ready, the ritual of present opening began.

It was wonderful! All the children seemed to either get everything they wanted or even a few things they didn't know they wanted but have since not been without! Our DS2 got an i-pad..and well, he just didn't think he would ever use it, trust me when I say, it was pretty much the hit of the morning. DD2 got a laptop and printer to take to school next year and she was happy as well!
DD1 got the I-touch that she had been wanting for about a year or so, and needless to say, she is happy as well!! All in all a very successful round of presents!!

I surprised DH with an i-touch of his very own. He has fallen in love with it. Maybe now, I can get mine back! Love ya dear!!

DS1 and GF brought over DGD!! Such an adorable baby!! We had a fabulous visit and grandma even got to change a diaper...I still got it!! Here we see Charlie, making sure that the baby is clean and ready for her bottle!! He loves this baby!!!

They took a few pictures of the baby all dressed up for the here is one in her Christmas dress........

Then they took on of her in her Birthday suit! It's just an adorable picture.....
As you can see, she is not inhibited on bit for bearing it all!! :) I think this has to be the most adorable picture I have seen yet!! :)

So, now that 2010 is almost done, I hope that next year brings you all love, peace and tidings of great joy. I know many have had some battles to fight this year, for those I say, congratulations you made it. I am sure it was a hard fought fight, but you came out on the right side.

Life is not easy, and we were not put here to "skate' through things. We must enjoy all our victories, no matter how small or insignificant they may seem. I have said it before, I truely believe there is a reason for everything and we are put in situations to learn from them. Sometimes the lesson is obvious, but many times it's not. We have to keep our eyes and hearts open to learn and accept. I wish many blessings and joy to all of you and may you and your families have a year to remember for 2011. I hope many opportunities are brought as well as taken. Please take the time to seize the moment but also to keep reaching for ultimate prize, true love, joy and happiness.

I have had a wonderful year and am so very thankful for all the people who have shared time with me this year. From work to friends to family, I love you all and am so looking forward to next year and what will happen. I have so many things to be thankful for and am truly blessed. I know how lucky I am to have a great family and wonderful friends. Thank you all so much for making 2010 a fabulous year. I have great hopes for 2011.

Take care everyone. I love you all.

Hugs, Debi

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