Saturday, May 3, 2008

It had to happen

Hey, well you knew it had to happen one day, right? It's been leading up to this but today I made it official. I joined the Summer of Socks knit along! I found the group and information through Ravelry and decided that I just needed to do this! You all believe me right???

This is great because I get to take all my sox on vacation and take their pictures, they are so photogenic you know, and then best of all, I have an excuse to knit all summer long, because the person who makes the most socks wins!! Yeah, a sock competition... :) To be honest, the most socks done will probably not be me, but I am going to have so much fun taking my socks pictures all across the country! Remember, I am moving from California to Virginia this summer. My dh thinks I have finally gone off the deep end, how could anyone get so excited about taking pictures of socks?? Wait and see....I have a feeling this is going to be a summer to remember for numerous reasons.

Thanks all for now. Just wanted to share my new excitement. Take care.
Debi :)

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