Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day

It's Mother's Day today and I hope all mothers had a fabulous day that was filled with what you wanted. I hope you all celebrated in the best way for your family! Happy day to all!!

My Mother's Day was very nice. My family gave me an adorable pink elephant (I love stuffed animals), 2 CD's and a fabulous card with some $$ for yarn shopping!!! Whooo Hoooo!!

I would like to share a few FO's that I have recently done.

This is the baby sweater I finished for a friend in DH's office. The bear is included and they thought the sweater came out great. Not too shabby for my first sweater! :)

This is my second pair of socks. I did them for a friend. The yarn is Austermann and I love the feel of this yarn. I am definitely going to have to get some for me!! :)

The next few weeks are going to be crazy!!
5/14 - we close on our house
5/29 - DD3's last day of school
5/30 - my last day of work
6/10 - DS1 turns 18
6/12 - Last day of high school and Graduation
6/16 - Trailer gets dropped at house for us to pack
6/20 - Trailer picked up and we leave for Virginia
6/27 - Trailer dropped at new house
6/30 - Trailer picked up at new house

Many, many things to happen in the next six weeks...wheeew, I am tired just thinking about it!!

I would like to share a picture of DS1 - It is his Graduation picture:

I am having a hard time believing he will be 18 on June 10 and that he graduates from High School 2 days later....this is the "child" that wants to stay behind here in California when we leave. Sometimes it really sucks to be a mom.... :)
Debi :)

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