Saturday, June 21, 2008

New Beginnings

Well, today marks several new beginnings in my life. As I mentioned before, my eldest son, has just turned 18 and decided to move out on his own. This is all happening as we are getting ready to move across the country from California to Virginia. Well, it has happened. Yesterday, he moved his stuff out and today he came back to the house and said good bye. Talk about a tough moment. I tried hard not to cry but I did. There is a saying that goes,

"If you love something set it free
If it returns back to you it is yours
If is doesn't, it never was".

I hope he returns back to me eventually. I already miss him. I had him for 18 years. I know he has to move on, but I wasn't ready for that to happen just yet. Truthfully, are we, as moms, ever ready for the children to move on????

We finally finished our packing and cleaning of our house here in California. Tomorrow morning, bright and early, we leave for Virginia. It is exciting as well as heart breaking. I have made some good friends here in California, and will miss them terribily. I know we will all try to stay in touch. I look forward to our new life in Virginia. I have met several people through the internet from the area and am really excited to get there. My DH and I will have our first "real" home (purchased) together and we will begin again as we always do.

My baby, Princess, is doing ok. She has not shone any new symptoms since her diagnosis. We are hoping for a few more fabulous months with her. She is a special girl in my book.

Remember, tell the ones you care for how you feel, they need to know as much as you need to tell them. Take some time to smell the roses and see the view...don't keep rushing all the time. Life is fast, slow it down once in a while.

Take care.
Debi :)

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Anonymous said...

Well, that explains you were on my mind all day today. I knew this was the weekend you were leaving, I just didn't realize that this was also the weekend that Bobby was moving out.

You did good with him, mom. He's a pretty good kid.

Have a safe journey! And if you get bored on the road you can always call me!!!